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Now “dry” is only a day away.

A Better Image Restorations has invested in this new technology and equipment. We’ll get it desert dry in record time!

TES, the latest in drying technology, dries most water damages in 30 hours or less.

TES utilizes the “Reets Evaporation Method.” which forces a high volume of heat directly to the water-saturated area, rapidly evaporating the water. The vapor is then eliminated with air evacuation/dehumidification. All this boils down to real dry, real fast. That means less damage, and less money lost.

Advantages of TES:

  • Dry carpet/carpet cushion in place, saving carpet cushion replacement.
  • Dry the walls, sill plates, and wall cavities without removing the wall boards.
  • Dry Hardwoods, substrates, tile and concrete with non-destructive tenting.
  • Prevent mold, rot and decay from prolonged soaking.
  • Negative pressure air-flow allows inhabitants to live or work in unaffected areas of the home or business.
  • Inconvenience and out-of-home expenses are eliminated or greatly reduced.
  • Drying without demolition-saves labor, hauling, replacement & repair.

For Insurance Water Loss Providers:

The TES structural drying system has introduced new technology and procedures never used in drying this way before. We are proud to offer this advanced process to our insuracnce providers. If drying in a day’s time interests you, we hope you will call us on your next water damage job. The cost will be equal or less than what you are now paying for the drying cycle-with savings coming in the secondary expenses mentioned.


Check out "The Process" and "The Science" on the home tab for more Information.

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