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1 Year Spot & Spill Warranty

Our 1 year spot and spill warranty will help keep you looking good all year!

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If you have experienced a water damage event we can dry out your home or business

Call Us Immediately at (757)478-4493 or (757)816-5720! Time is crucial when it comes to drying!  Mold can appear in the first 24-48 hours if left untreated.

Drying fast is not just convenient; it’s critical

Drying water damage homes and businesses is important. But drying them fast is critical! The longer it takes to dry a water damage building, the more expenses and damages increase. For example: mold, floor and wall warpage, out-of-home-costs, and other repairs increase as the structure remains wet. Speed drying water damaged structure eliminates or greatly reduces these damages and expenses.

Conventional drying: Three to Five Days.

Conventional drying procedures (extraction, air movement, dehumidification) typically require three to five days to dry out a Class 1 and Class 2 water damage. (clean water)

With the newest technology: 30 hours or less.

New research shows that delivering heat and containing it to the water-saturated surfaces and materials will dry out the same damage in 30 hours or less. Drying structures in record time will reduce stress and inconvenience for the owner, and reduce risk and damage costs for the insurance company.






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